Saturday, July 18, 2009

Smokey Moon

Well, Mystic Moon is not looking good....

July 18
It's getting Worse: "Jennifer Mitchell, the so-called CEO, is not answering her e-mail or her home phone. The business phone has been disconnected."
Termination of Contract/Official Notice: "I am no longer affiliated with Mystic Moon Press and am currently in process of regaining my rights for my manuscripts."
PLEASE READ!: "If you follow my writing or have thought about buying one of my stories from Mystic Moon Press, DO NOT! They are not paying their authors and in my opinion, are a scam."

July 17
Mystic Moon Press mystery. "Is Mystic Moon Press one of the many epubs to fail? First we're told that there was some kind of identity theft and that's why we weren't getting paid for our stories...."
One of those days: "Mystic Moon Press, has likely fallen in on itself. The one lady who did most of the editing (and most of the work, in my opinion) resigned. Then the other main editor resigned."

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Anonymous said...

I find it hard to feel sorry for any of those ladies, since they all attacked Karen @ Karen Knows Best a while back for asking a simple question about the press. They all came racing in insisting it wasn't a scam and crying 'mean girl' at everyone.

This, boys and girls, is why everyone says not to sub to untried start-ups claiming to be 'like a family.' No one ever learns.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is perfect, give them a break.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think I will. They were given more than one big waving red flag and attacked everyone who dared even hint that their pub wasn't perfect. They don't deserve a break, they don't deserve pity, what they deserve is a hard lesson and an 'I told you so.'

Maybe next time somebody questions their publisher's affiliation with a known scam artist, instead of kermitflailing like 2 year old's they'll instead ask some questions of their own.

Doubtful, though. People like that never learn.

Anonymous said...

People like that do learn.Some people don't have any integrity but some do.
Anyway, some of then have admitted that everyone told them so, why keep at it?

Anonymous said...

Hello, the July 18 post link at the top, Please Read, is my post. I think it is unfair to claim that I was on Karen Knows Best. I'm reading the blogs from there and the first blog went up on the 10th of April. Before the blog went up, I had researched MMP through places like P&E and BBB. Then I sent my contract to a lawyer to read. When the lawyer was done, they sent it back and said it looked fine. I signed it at the end of April of 2008. So the blog went up AFTER I had looked up MMP. While I was getting my bearings about things with my first story, I came online to the author group after the blog took place. There was a post that I remember where the cover artist had been removed from MMP. I didn't go back and research MMP because I thought I had done that before I submitted to them. So I missed this somehow.

However, I did see red flags. I didn't jump to their defense. I will not defend them. Business was not conducted in a manor becoming a business. I did believe they were young and in way over their heads. I knew I was taking a chance on them since they were new. I did it anyway with two short stories. I didn't send them anything after I think June or July of 2008. So it took me about 4months of getting my bearings to notice things were not right with them. I don't think that is bad when I had never been published before. I had two contracts with them that I was waiting my time to get out of. I'm not surprised or caught off guard. I didn't send them any of my longer works because I wanted them to prove themselves to me first. They never did, so I never did. Other authors seemed happy about the way things were going. Or at least to me. So I couldn't confirm it was a scam, but I knew they were not professional and I wanted to move on.

You can't link all the authors in one lump that we are all trusting and blind. Not true. I've learned that not all authors were happy. Some had pulled their work; some were waiting the two year contract out like I was. There are many different contracts floating around out there. My two are the same because they were made within a few months of each other. If my contracts had changed over time, I would have taken action. The clause to get out and get your rights back kept getting progressively higher monetarily. This I was not aware of until a few days ago because I didn't go to every new author and ask what their contract said. Mine date back to 2008 and I didn't submit multiple books to them.

Yes, there are a lot of red flags. Yes, I saw them. No, I'm not stupid or blindsided. I don't feel stupid or taken. Hey, maybe I'll get my rights back quicker than waiting until 2010. Or maybe not. But I'm not torn up. I've been waiting for it to happen. Yes I promoted my books. I had no reason to believe they had taken my money, because nothing showed that I had sold anything. I was unhappy with their promotions because it seemed that nothing was being done to promote the site. Honestly, authors had said they were selling a lot of stuff. I wasn't selling much. I don't have a ton of reader ratings on FictionWise to say that I did sell a ton of stuff. So I couldn't prove they owed me any money. The only thing I could prove was they were not professional. Which I way I chose to leave my books up on the site while I looked for different publishers for my other works.

Again, I didn't bash Karen. I didn't race to their side and pull the "We are Family" song out. I didn't read the posts on Karen Knows Best. It makes the authors of MMP look bad. But there are a lot of authors who came on after that who did not act in this manner.

Anonymous said...

I have no control over how the other authors acted. I only have control over myself. I'm not bashing anyone here. I'm just asking that others not bash MMP authors as a whole. I did nothing wrong. I think I took a small gamble with a couple of short stories. Since then I have works with other publishers and submissions out right now. I have nothing to hide. The publisher wronged a lot of people. In no way did I put 100% faith in the company. I have been through a lot in my personal life in the last year that prevented me from going the extra steps to check things out when I saw the flags. But I never believed everything was hunky-dory after the first few months and I knew I was taking a risk letting things slide.

I don't believe the things that were said on Karen's blog, that authors don't need to know grammar. Or any of the other things like that said. That is a load of crap. I in no way believe that line of reasoning. I work hard with critique partners to make my work and theirs the best it can be, before submitting it. I will continue to work hard at my craft and not push it off onto someone else. Writing is hard work and writers should learn their craft. They should not expect others to teach them because they put words down on a computer program that has spell check.

I just wanted to make the post on my blog so my readers don't help line the owners pocket anymore. I never saw a dime from them. Nor do I want readers and other writers to think I had anything to do with it or that I am too stupid to see what happened.

Martin Hunter said...

I was also an author with Mystic Moon Press who did not receive a penny even though one of my two stories were in the top ten at both Mystic Moon and Fictionwise for a period of time. I tended not to banter with the group though, so mostly just found out about the scam through reading other people's posts. Disappointed, I turned my head, let Mystic Moon sink and began sending out stories to other publishers. I always wondered what everyone else had been doing since. I wish everyone the best of luck. It's hard having a publisher and being excited about it then having it taken away from you.