Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ellora's Cave WTF, literally

In the fine tradition of Britney Spears, Ellora's Cave is asking their readers about their favorite sexual positions. But they take it a little further in then attempting to take credit for those top rated nookie maneuvers. The new Ellora's Cave contest requires entrants to answer these questions:

"Prying minds want to know: Have EC books taught you new positions or bedroom games? Given you a new lease on your love life—with yourself or your lover? Taught him or her how to please you better? Given you permission to go for more O’s? Tell us all about it. We’re dying for details…"

The entries on Youtube have to be modestly titled: How Ellora’s Cave Improved My Sex Life: Your Name and are used as content by and the grand prize is a $100 Ellora's Cave gift voucher (Edited to add, this is the twitter prize only, the main prizes are a considerable more generous pair of netbooks). As efforts to harness the power of social networking go, you could not call this subtle.

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Anonymous said...

I thought two of the prizes are netbooks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about our contest. The grand prize for Twitter entries is a $100 gift certificate, but the grand prizes for video and write-in entries are netbook computers.
I admit you can't call us subtle but I do hope exuberance is part of our appeal. We decided to do this contest to celebrate our upcoming 10th anniversary because people, especially women who had been married a long time, have often told us over the years that our books had spiced up their sex lives.

We can't take credit for inventing nookie manuvers but I think Ellora's Cave is part of a much larger change in attitudes among women about their own sexuality. Our success is one manifestation of the fact that women are understanding, enjoying and embracing their sexuality (without apology or even subtlety sometimes) more now than ever before in my lifetime--and I'm pretty old!

Thanks again.
Susan Edwards
VP Media Relations, Ellora's Cave