Sunday, August 30, 2009

Open Calls (F/F)

Anthology: And Then It Shifted: Women Open Up About Leaving Men for Women (Seal Press)--December 1, 2009. Payment: $50+ [link].

Anthology: RUMPLEDSILKSHEETS: Lesbian Fairy Tales Erotic Romance Anthology (Ravenous Romance)--October 15, 2009. Payment: $10+royalties [link]

Anthology: Lesbian Lust: Red Hot Erotica (Cleis Press)--October 15, 2009. Payment: $50 [link]

To have your call for submissions listed please email it, preferably in the format above, to


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like there are fewer calls for subs from established (i.e., in biz for more than a year or two) erotica publishers lately?

Maybe I'm imagining it, but I could swear that a year ago, there was always something new to slot into my schedule of possible submissions. Lately, not so much.

kirsten saell said...

I'm tempted to sub to the Ravenous call because I can see how rejiggering a traditional fairy tale to embrace f/f love could be deliciously subversive.

Then again, it's Ravenous...

Anonymous said...

Erm the Ravenous link doesn't mention $50, is this a mix up?

veinglory said...

Why yes, yes it is (fixed).