Sunday, August 09, 2009

Some Words on Spam

It seems that many companies think that, under the CAN-SPAM act, it is perfectly fine and legal to get your email from your website by hand, so long as they do not use an automated harvester. So one way to reduce your spam might be to post a statement that prohibits copying your address by any method for the purpose of sending advertising e-mail.

If you do received spam that is deceptive or breaches that act, you can forward it to Breaches include not giving a street address, not offering an 'opt out' or having a deceptive subject header. If they use a public email service provider such as gmail you can also forward the spam to abuse@[provider name].com

If you are feeling particularly annoyed you can also report the spam to Spam Cop, and support the development of a 'do not email' list similar to the current 'do not call' and 'do not mail' registries to opt out of commercial messages by phone or snail mail.


Anonymous said...

I'll also add that this information is lovely for authors who spam loops and also spam personal email addresses.

veinglory said...

That too : /