Saturday, August 29, 2009

Torn Veil Books

torn veil books logo
Having previously had a bit of a go at the uber-restrictive guidelines of Christian romance imprint Steeple Hill I find Torn Veil Books something of a contrast. They are a start up Christian romance press seeking sub-genres excluding erotic romance but including Supernatural, Time Travel, Vampire, Westerns, Werewolf/Shapeshifter and Zombie (?!). Pity about the call for submissions going out before they even have a real website, lack of named founders or staff, and the 12-15% royalty on ebooks.


Erastes said...

Royalties and professionalism aside, I find it rather baffling. Is it going to be a line of books where the Christians battle the hordes of the paranormal? Paranormal snuff?

veinglory said...

What you don't think they will get behind the redeeming power of undeed nookie? ;)

Anonymous said...

From their site:
"Though we do realize there is only one book of Revelation, there are still many ways a story can be told while using the scenarios put forth in that book."

With Squeaky Fromme now released, this might just be the medium she's looking for.

Caroline said...

*Shrugs* As a Christian who also likes to read paranormal, I don't get why this is so unusual. In fact, I would love to see not just Christian characters battling (or becoming) vampires, werewolves or zombies, but also Jewish, Muslim or Buddhist characters going toe-to-toe with the paranormal.