Monday, September 28, 2009

Book Review Venues (under construction)

Please note, codings may not be fully accurate when a genre is accepted but this is not explicitly stated on the website. Please let me know of any additions and/or corrections by comment or email.

* All About Romance: Ro, E(limited)/P, xS. This site focuses on "major publishing houses".
* Dear Author: R(ER/FF/MM), D/P/E (digital copy preferred), ? [Recommended]* Mrs Giggles: R(ER), E*/P, S [Recommended]
* HEA Reviews: R, D, E, xS
* Night Owl Romance Book Reviews: Ro, E*/P, ?.
* POD People: A, E*/P, So (some exceptions).
* Racy Romance Reviews: Ro, does not accept book submissions, ?.
* Rainbow Reviews: A/R/E(ER/MM/FF), D/P/E, ? -- GLBTQ0
* Romance at Heart: Ro, ?, ?.
* Romance Reader, the: Ro(ER), P, ?.
* Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: Ro, ?, ?. [Recommended]
* Smexy Books: R(MM), ?, ?.
* Veiled Secrets Reviews: Ro(ER/MM/FF), E*/P, ?.

* Romantic Times Book Reviews: Ro(ER) xMM xFF, P, ?.

R: reviews romance
E: reviews erotica
RE: reviews erotic romance
MM: review gay fiction
FF: reviews lesbian fiction

A: reviews all (or most) genres
D: accepts digital review copies
P: accepted printed review copies

E: reviews EbooksS: accepts self-published bookso: The 'o' means they accept this format or genre exclusively
x: means a format or genre is specifically not accepted
[Recommended]: My personal opinion only


vanessa jaye said...

One of the J's at DA reviews m/m and bdsm exclusively (think it's SaraF/Joan?)

veinglory said...

Thanks, I added that.

Hot Sauce Reviews said...

Thanks for the mention. You should probably want to add All About Romance (, although they are more of a "R"omance only, with few eroticas and very little to no ebooks reviewed. But they are one of the biggest romance review sites at the moment, so it's a shame to overlook them.

kirsten saell said...

Jayne over at DA has reviewed a couple of f/f books, too.

Ann Bruce said...

What about Wendy the Super Librarian?

Erastes said...

Rainbow Reviews
Uniquely Pleasurable
Speak its Name (gay historical, digital copies gladly accepted, reviews any format.)
Bosom Friends (lesbian historical, ditt) (still under construction)
Reviews by Jessewave (

Anonymous said...

What about TRS (the romance studio) and TRS Blue and JERR (just erotic romance reviews)? I think TRS just started a LBGT romance section also. Both sites put out newsletters monthly, or more often, and also have websites with reviews, interviews, articles and other services.

Pat (I don't have a website etc, or I wouldn't be anonymous!) :)

veinglory said...

I am adding these as I get the time, please do make more suggestions of you have them.

Megan said...

Veiled Secrets Reviews will review self published works and accept digital review copies. We will also review older works if requested.

M Barnette said...

Love Romances and More-all genres including non-romance

Fallen Angels Reviews-All Genres including non-romance-Not sure about f/f

Coffee Time Romance-all genres including non-romance

Joyfully Reviewed-romance and erotic romances only

Literary Nymphs-Seems to review many genres, may also review f/f

Cat Grant said...

You might want to add BookWenches. They review erotica and romance of all stripes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mention. I am glad to see the others folks have listed. Wish I had additional ideas!

I am not sure what the list is for, but FYI, I do not accept any free books (digital or print) from publishers or authors, (except for the occasional contest!).

I review all romance subgenres.

veinglory said...

Hi Jessica, I will add a note that you don't take submission. The list is a general reference rather than just for submitting, although I imagine this will be the main use for it.

vanessa jaye said...

Romance Junkies reviewe all types of romance (not sure about ff) in print and ebook.

I lurk over on emmyjag's blog.

I find her reviews entertaining, and while I'm a huge fan of m/m, if one sounds interesting (story/character) I'll check it out.

verification word: butsfer. ha! Butts for what? hehee.

vanessa jaye said...

Oops! here's the RJ link:

And that should be I'm *not* a huge fan of m/m.

Helen said...

Looking at your code for genres, if R is Romance, and E is erotica, and RE is erotic romance, does ER mean a reviewer reviews both erotica and romance, or is it just another form of RE, erotica romance?