Thursday, September 10, 2009

[Market] XOXO Publishing

XOXO Publishing, Gina Cianfarani CEO.

This epublisher lists romance and erotica as genres of interest.

The red flags, let me count them.
1) P&E: "31 Aug 09 - XoXo Publishing, Inc.: Not recommended. Poor contract. A publisher."
2) Video and music auto-plays on the website. That always bugs me.
3) A $4.95 shipping and handling charge for an ebook?!
4) The submission page states: "I certify that I have the right to submit the texts, manuscripts, photo's, artwork and materials that I am submitting to XoXo Publishing. This submission signifies agreement to the above and that I agree to grant an exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable, perpetual license to publicly display my submission..."


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"I received an email the other day informing me that AP Miller AKA Patti Rebmann has got a new job. Apparently she’s the acquisitions editor at the soon-to-be-opened (slightly dodgy looking) XoXo Publishing."


AnneMarble said...

I don't know much about Twitter. Is there any reason this publisher keeps tweeting that they are not a pornographic site or a dating site, Over and over again. Do they have not much else to say? Are they trying to respond to spammers?

Lesli Richardson (aka Tymber Dalton) said...

Video and music auto-playing on a site is a copyright violation complaint waiting to happen. Not to mention annoying. You would think a PUBLISHER would know better. Not to mention the blatant typos, wtf on that submission statement? You submit to them and you lose your stuff forever?

That's...just messed up.

Angie said...

I'd say this had to be a prank if I didn't know better. [eyeroll]


Anonymous said...

I feel really stupid saying this but... I couldn't figure out how to get information on any of the three books listed. Are there no excerpts or descriptions?

Am I missing something??

What an unpleasant site.

Fiona Glass said...

Hmm. So they want all rights, forever, and they don't even pay you?

::runs for the hills::

Angie said...

Anon@8:42 -- I couldn't find any other info either, not even author's names. My bet is all three (3) books are by whoever owns the place.

Also, I had to boggle at their submission page; aside from the insane terms of submission, you're supposed to paste your manuscript (the whole book??) into a box in their web page? Really? I suppose it could work, but I don't know any other book publisher who wants your whole manuscript right away as a first submission contact, much less wants it pasted into their web page.


Anonymous said...

They've been touting for staff on livejournal in some of the writing related communities.

Angie said...

Anon@12:50 -- well, that kills my favorite theory. I was thinking that this was meant to be only a self-publishing operation, and that they didn't want to have to mess with other people's books, although of course they didn't want it to look like that to the casual observer. That would explain the ridiculous submission procedures and terms. If they're looking to hire staff, though, I guess it really is just ignorance after all. :/


Anonymous said...

Em, I clicked on the link and DEAR GOD woman! You need to add a warning in your post about the blaring music at their site. Oh man that's just a cruel, inhuman sound.

Anonymous said...

You people all sound like a bunch of losers with time on your but to backlash at innocent people!

The website looks good to me, I have not seen any of the above accusiations you've all stated. The book trailer is very professional and I like the music its catchy.

I have submitted my work and so far I have received a very positive feedback.

As I could tell the website has not been officially launched, meaning its under construction.

I think all of you are fakes and its only one person responding to the false information. You're all a bunch of morons, jealous group of people.

Who is this Emily Vien something. What makes her an expert to judge a new business?

veinglory said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous (the apparently spelling-savvy, non-moron one, that is): I don't know who "Emily Vien" is but Emily Veinglory has been doing e-book publisher comparisons and news for a long time now at this website. Of course she doesn't have any catchy pornrific music. And with the XOXO site down I guess I'll have to drag out the porn flicks. And I swore off them things months ago, sigh.

Anonymous said...

The spelling mistake was done purposefully! I know of Emily Vienglory I'm a former reader. I will no longer be one of them. Backstabbing people is not my
style. Seems that is it hers and a Karen Scott.

Angie said...

Anon@3:52 -- how is making an open and public post "backstabbing?" Aside from the fact that the term also implies betrayal by someone close, and so far as I know, Emily has no connection, much less any close one, to XOXO (zockso?) or its publisher.

Also, the fact that said Ms. Cianfarani apparently saw Emily's criticism, or maybe similar criticism by someone else, and fixed the worst of the problems on the submission page doesn't mean there were never any problems, whether or not you got to the site in time to see it.

Far too many newbie writers who are desperate to be published will send their manuscripts to the most horribly unprofessional sites, because 1) they're desperate, and 2) they don't know enough about the industry to recognize the clear warning signs on sites like XOXO. And despite the submission process having been repaired (up from "ludicrous" to merely "skeevy") there are still many warning signs present on the site. It's a public service to the newer, less experienced members of our community to point these things out, and I applaud Emily for the time and effort she puts into doing so.

If Ms. Cianfarani and others like her want to make a success in this business (and I'm assuming that she's merely an ignorant newcomer rather than an actual scammer) she'd do well to read all the publisher criticism she can find, both of XOXO and of other publishers. Read lists of warning signs, read advice given from oldtimers to newcomers. Learn exactly what a professional site looks like, what a competent publisher looks like and how it behaves and how it presents itselfe. Learn from other people's mistakes. Then use that knowledge to build a professional site which gives the industry watchdogs nothing to criticize.

If a publisher looks like a horribly bad bet, it's everyone's business. When an e-press folds and takes its writers down with it, whether from malice or incompetence, it hurts everyone in this end of the industry, which makes it our business.

Aside from the fact that warning newbies where the brambles and snakes are is a worthy occupation in its own right.


Anonymous said...

This is for the idiot who likes to speak nothing except for porn crap.
XoXo Publishing, is NOT a porn site, maybe you should check your saved pages for that.

As for how the website is, I will say that it looks much better them some of the s*** I have seen out there as far as website go. And the music does not play automatically, unless you click on the trailer. If you think that is porn, man, you have been sheltered for way too long, come and join civilization why don't you.

veinglory said...

Back when this post was written it played automatically.