Monday, September 14, 2009

Romance hits the Xpress lane out of town

Small presses often fine tune which genres they focus on. They can expand, specialise, spin off imprints, and many other options. But there are classy ways to do this, and crappy ways to do this.

According to Ellen Ashe Absolute XPress ( has opted for "crappy". That is they have stopped listing romance genre books on their website, yet not released the authors from their contracts. Apparently the authors of romance books are meant to be happy with third party vendor distribution only, and a publisher who won't deign to have their work on their main website.

p.s. In similarly classy move Lulu has dropped non-Lulu service providers from their listings. You can still find them if you search for their specific name, but otherwise they have vanished.


Anonymous said...

They explain the why's of their decision to focus on science fiction, but I can't see the professionalism in contracting books just to turn around and act like those books are beneath the new visage they're trying to put out. I think every author who is affected by their change of "focus" should be released from contract.

veinglory said...

It looks like the affected authors are being offered an out. IMHO they should consider taking it.