Saturday, September 26, 2009

[sweet romance market, sort of] Amourose

I will confess to not being a Sweet Mary Sunshine sort of person. But sometimes there is a reason for that. I hear about a publisher, Amourose, and what do I see?

Use of a free webhost.

Above-the-fold typo: "...we here at Amourose Press do our best to treat every manusccript we receive with the respect it deserves."

"Amourose Press is not a member of the Better Business Bureau." And is so proud of this they point it out on their homepage?

"Miss Woods decided to utilize for editing, formatting, cover art, and distribution". That being a company well known for not editing or formatting at all except as a fee-charging service, providing terrible default covers and having very little in the way of distribution.

Listed as opening in January 2009, but still hasn't released any titles. They are currently closed to queries until November.

"Authors whose manuscripts are accepted retain all rights." This is rather... impossible.

"Authors receive 65% of the royalties on all sales." 65% of royalties? Presumably royalties as defined by Lulu? In the absence of a stated pricing structure it is impossible to know how much this would be.

So, there you are....


Anonymous said...

The website is pretty unprofessional and I for one sure wasn't blown away by the descriptions of their Romance themes. Anyway, found more about the publisher here:

Angie said...

There's also no mention of any marketing done by the publisher. I'll grant you that most small presses don't do much, but Amourose doesn't mention doing any at all. That being the case, I'm wondering exactly what is the benefit to a writer in submitting to Amourose as opposed to just going through Lulu directly? What exactly is Amourose doing to justify their 35% of the royalties?