Tuesday, September 01, 2009

To Sell and Damnation

New horror epublisher Damnation Books (opening today) has a new approach to pricing. They offer "variable pricing" where the first copy of a book is free and the price goes up 5c with each sale until the normal retail price is reached. I am not sure if this is a cute idea or a profit-squandering gimmick. I just know I wouldn't want to be the author still selling for less than a dollar several weeks after release. (p.s. what is with the drawn-by-a-twelve-year-old-boy picture on the top right of the site?)

p.s. They had some books on Omnilit in advance of their launch, which seem to be selling well (although that may have something to do with many being priced at 99c)


Anonymous said...

Their covers are very nice for the genre. However, if the book I downloaded during a free promotion a few weeks ago is any indication, they suffer greatly from poor editing. In the second sentence of the story I encountered a jarring, repeated error:

It’s long slender arms waved claw-like hands wildly at the body on the bed, raising it’s head back and shaking it viciously [...]

That didn't give me much hope for the rest of the book or their other offerings.

Mia Dela Cruz-Soriano said...

oh my...gimmicking for buzz & little profit? poor editing? what is the publishing world coming to these days?! oh well, i guess you get what you pay for :(

An Author said...

After reading about the publisher here, I checked out the website. Found a couple of stories that piqued my interest and bought them.

Both were well edited with none of the obvious issues, like it's vs. its, mentioned above. (And the stories were really good, "Dubaku" and "Who Mourns for the Hangman?")

I'm not affiliated with the publisher or the authors, just a happy reader who's glad she checked out the publisher.