Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bookwhirl, in a hole and digging furiously

I had more-or-less forgotten about the so-called book marketing company Bookwhirl until a determined little defender-of-the-faith turned up on the POD People blog. Such things tend to make me take a good long long at my attitude, and cause it to either soften... or harden.

As for Bookwhirl, well, this is what I see:
* They spam egregiously--which is not a good look in a marketing company.
* Their use of the English language is quirky at best, this from their website: "Email advertisements works like a spider web. Its expansion can be boundless, thriving more possibilities, and bigger sales."
* Clear targeting of self-published authors: "Marketing your self-published book is never easy and it is very time consuming."
* Their online reputation is mud, well--something like mud but stinkier. If they can't promote themselves well, why would you hire them to promote a book?

So... It seems to me that Bookwhirl is a way for inexperienced authors to waste money on stuff that probably won't increase their sales and may actually make them look bad. That's my opinion, and comments from names with no Google footprint, that link to Bookwhirl's website, and are spiced up with convoluted logic and veiled insults aren't likely to change it.

Funny, that.

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