Monday, October 12, 2009

Fisking Untreed Reads

Untreed Reads

As ever, their website txt + my 0.02:

"Untreed Reads Publishing is the primary imprint of fiction work. We are looking for fiction with minority lead characters and plots (Latino, African-American, Native American, GLBT, female, etc.)."

Um, last I checked females were not a minority, and what the hell is a "minority plot"? Is it a story made up by only one of three psychics?

"Any genre is acceptable except erotica, romance and poetry. The feeling is that these categories are already well-represented by other publishers, and we prefer our focus to be on lesser-realized genres such as sci-fi, mystery, fantasy and mainstream fiction."

No majority genres please. We only want less mainstream genres like... well, "mainstream".

"Romance and eroticism are welcome within the work, but we prefer plot over erotic scenes."

Because we all realise that off the many qualities a work of fiction might have, only two are connected by a direct, inverse correlation such that adding more of one results in having less of the other.

"It is our goal to present to the world multicultural fiction that expands the somewhat limited view currently seen in the industry."

Yes, world multi-cultural fiction populated by Americans of all different genders, colors and sexual orientations, not too focussed on falling in love and not having too much sex.


Evelyn Applegate said...

"what the hell is a "minority plot"? Is it a story made up by only one of three psychics?"


Jay Hartman said...

I appreciate your feedback and have made some changes to the wording.

It's my feeling that as women are still not treated as equally as men in most arenas, they are definitely still considered a minority within the realm of white, male-dominated published works. Strong female-centric fiction outside of romance and erotica has been overlooked in the ebook publishing industry thus far.

I do want to note that you took a few of our requirements out of context when posting. Erotic and romantic scenes within a work ARE welcome, but we specifically stated that we felt other publishers already were focused on these genres as a whole and we preferred to focus elsewhere. Too often, much of the erotica and romance I've come across has been very well written sexually, yet poorly written from a plot standpoint.

From an ebook perspective, too much of what is published these days is pigeonholed into a specific genre. The accepted definition of "mainstream" is a title that can't be easily put into a subgenre (ie.: romance, fantasy, etc.). This would be why most bookstores have a "fiction" section in addition to "romance" and "fantasy." Right now, the ebook industry could use a wider breadth of titles.

You are certainly welcome to your opinion and I heartily encourage you to keep writing and keep getting out the word about electronic publishing. We've posted over 100 excerpts for people to enjoy and discover new work, and we've connected many readers with indie publishers and authors. We will continue to do so.

I invite you and your other readers to keep visiting Untreed Reads and Untreed Excerpts to find new work. Feel free to submit your own excerpts, and I'll be sure they are added.

Best wishes,
Jay Hartman

veinglory said...

Thanks for your response. My comments were obviously cursory g=given that yiur genre are outside the core interests of this site.

However I still find it odd to strive for a wide multicultual angle but still apparently limited characters who are American, e.g. Native American rather than First Nations, African American rather than People of Color. Even if you want only stories that occur on US soil (?) this gives examples that seem to deliberately exclude the immigrant and resident alien perspective?

Jay Hartman said...

Hmm. Interesting points. I certainly don't intend for Untreed Reads to be American-centric only. I think part of it that due to constant fear of offending people and being politically correct in the United States, we have a tendency to add "American-" to the start of every nationality.

The thing I want most from Untreed Reads is to have it be a place that encompasses every reader and every author. I appreciate the feedback, and will in fact change the term used.

Please keep the feedback coming! I can't promise it will all be used, but it's all always appreciated.

Best wishes,
Jay Hartman