Sunday, October 25, 2009

Insert the Usual Rant here (a.k.a. Fisking Breathless)

Full details here: Romantic Writing and Breathless Press have teamed up to provide the romantic stories writing competition exclusively for writers. To the winners goes a publishing contract offer with Breathless Press and free promotion.

Gee, I wonder is there is any other way to "win" such a wonderful "prize"?

All submissions will be shared in book format and requires the prologue to be a query letter.

What? [Reads it again] Seriously, what does that mean?

Submission Directions: This contest requires creating a book. So prior to submitting your first chapter you should create a book. Click here to create your book.

Oh, I see. Breathless is requiring people to join Fanstory in order to submit a short story to Breathless. Because, um.... because....

The contest winners will receive a contract offer with Breathless Press. Sample Breathless Press Contract. The contract is for ebooks. Breathless Press will be publishing print books on select titles after several months as ebooks.

A.k.a. possibly never.

The contest winners will be chosen by Breathless Press. This contest does not offer a Visa Gift Card prize.

Good to know.

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Anonymous said...

My name is S.Hart, I'm the marketing director for Breathless Press and I would like to clarify some things.

Breathless Press is working with Fanstory but Fanstory set the rules for their contest. We simply publish the winner. It was not Breathless Press' requirement that participants join Fanstory. Fanstory set that requirement. This was a contest for Fanstory members only.

As for the "All submissions will be shared in book format and requires the prologue to be a query letter." Again, that is one of the requirements set by Fanstory.

The Visa Gift card is something Fanstory offers their winners and has nothing to do with Breathless Press.

I would like to say thank you to EREC for allowing me the opportunity to respond to this post and clarify the concerns related to the Fanstory/Breathless Press Contest. For more information on Breathless Press, go to

veinglory said...

Thanks for your response. To put my post in context "the usual rant" relates to contests where they only prize is publication--IMHO that is a dressed up open call rather than a contest. I can see that it benefits Fanstory, it may benefit Breathless, but it just creates more hoops for the author to jump through.