Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Cacoethes Blow Out Sale
Cacoethes Publishing is having a massive sale: all ebooks $2 and paperbacks either $5 or $10. Generosity or desperation?

JA Konrath shares Kindle sales levels
J A Konrath recently blogged, with unusual candor, about how Kindle sales (via publisher and self-published) stack up. I would suggest reaing the whole post as it makes a number of very good points. One of them being: "If I had the rights to all six of my Hyperion books, and sold them on Kindle for $1.99, I'd be making $20,580 per year off of them, total, rather than $4818 a year off of them, total ... According to my math, I'd be making more money if my books were out of print, and I had my rights back."


Dana said...

Links to the JA Konrath blog doesn't work for me. But I found it via Google.

Thanks so much for posting it, it was a very interesting read.

veinglory said...

Thanks for letting me know about the bad link, fixed now.

Sage Whistler said...

Desperation on the part of Cacoethes. I doubt they will have many sales. Customers can barely negotiate the atrocious site.