Monday, October 19, 2009

...Long Live the King

Fictionwise is closing in on merging with Barnes & Noble and it does not like the the transformation will be a wholey agreeable one--with restrictions on content and extra charges already appearing. A few years ago there would not have been much in the way of an alternative. But AllRomanceEbook spin-off Omnilit is showing signs of stepping into those shoes. Omnilit recently forged and agreement with Ingram Digital giving them access to ebook from publishers like Random House, Harper Collins and Little Brown, in addition to the small epublisher who have been with them from the beginning. I am about ready to swap from Fictionwise to Omnilit; am I the only one?


Diana Castilleja said...

I transfered then deleted my entire wishlist, then backed up my downloaded books the day I heard about the merger/closing.

FW/B&N is screwing themselves AND their customers.

Too bad they'll be a ghosttown before they realize it.

Helen said...

I don't know. I've had an easy time using the B&N e-book store to get e-books I've wanted from NY publishers. But for small press/indie publishers, it looks like I may have to switch. I need to take a look at OmniLit, do some price comparison, and see how easy it will be to use their store. Does anyone have any more details on what the final result of the Fictionwise/B&N merger will look like?

Athena Grayson said...

Not sure what the final result will look like, Helen, but I do know that FW is no longer running monthly sales figs for publishers--they've dropped back to quarterly (which is a step backwards, IMNSHO--it's the digital age, if you can't get real-time sales numbers quickly and easily, then UR DOIN IT RONG, period).

I've already started buying more from OmniLit/ARe. I still have micropay bux from FW and the club discount, but I doubt I'll be renewing the club and I really don't think I'll be buying small press from there any longer.

The whole "internet distributors get 40-60% wholesale discount for a product that takes no space in a warehouse and costs nothing to transmit to customers or to the distributor" is sticking in my craw. Just seems so backwards and archaic. It's like paying for meatspace when there is none.

Lee Rowan said...

I don't buy many e-books, but I'd go to ARe first in any case. B&N is a big, faceless corporation, but Barb Perfetti of ARe is a decent human being. I LOVE having the alternative of doing business with a small, ethical, woman-owned business... and the people who gave me my first publishing break.

Unknown said...

I have been as member of for years but when they merged with B&N, I started to buy less and less because the selection in MS reader format and small press became less. They mostly release all new ebooks from NY publishers in eSecure reader format, so I can'take advantage of the sales or discounts. When asked about whay the ebooks are released only in eSecure and Mobi they're response is publisher choice, but why is it I can find the format I need on other sites? I feel that fictionwise is pushing their own format on the readers. I buy too many ebooks not to be able to find the format selection I want.
I have not bought anything from Omnilit yet but I do enjoy their newsletter. With a little research I feel that Omnilit with be replacing fictionwise soon for all my small press ebooks.

Katrina Strauss said...

Several e-book listings from various authors through multiple publishers have disappeared from B&N today. I'm waiting to hear back from one of my publishers regarding the issue. I've been chatting with other authors via Twitter and privately, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which titles have disappeared. So this may honestly be a glitch (as opposed to AmazonFail, which deliberately targeted LGBT titles), but still a big hiccup.

Helen said...

Xandra, thanks for the info! I will probably be haunting ARe/OmniLit more and more as things change over. I hate to see a forum for small epress go down the drain. I hope B&N changes its tactics soon.

And thank you Emily for posting the info on this in the first place!