Sunday, October 25, 2009

Open Calls

Slash Books Call For Submissions - "Kink Bingo"
X marks the spot for this anthology, where each story utilizes a different kink to fill in a square on the Slash Books Kink Bingo card! Pitching for this anthology is simple: pick a kink, and let your imagination run wild! We'll be looking for stories from 2000 to 20000 words that explore the fun and wild side of kinks. As usual, all stories must include at least one same sex relationship. Your story should focus on the relationship. Intriguing characters and interesting situations are the ticket to success here. Be creative! All genres welcome. (Five days 'til the deadline!).

Like the Knave of Hearts: Circlet Press.
What if Alice returned to Wonderland as an adult, and met up with the White Knight or the Red Queen again? What if there was more going on between the Queen of Hearts and the Knave than just those tarts? And what kind of adventures was Mary Ann, the White Rabbits maid, up to when she wasn't at home? We're looking for a darker, sexier view of Wonderland. Be creative, keep it legal, and don't be afraid to explore your nightmares as well as your dreams.

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