Saturday, October 17, 2009

Publisher Doings

Shadowfire is seeking F/F
"We could really use some great lesfic stories and books to publish in 2010. We even consider reprints so long as you have the rights to your work back from the prior publisher. You can see our formatting guidelines and instructions on how to submit here ... If you don't write holiday or themed call stories, we'd like to see the erotic romance lesfic stories you like to write. Guidelines to general erotic romance submissions can be found here." [Michael Barnette, Editor-in-Chief Shadowfire Press]

Eirelander Officially Opens
Eirelander took a long run up at it, which isn't necessarily a bad idea. This month they officially opened and more to a new website url. There still don't seem to be any books for sale from the website (when I click ont he covers,nothing happens?), although they can be found on websites such as Amazon. One of the first two releases from the Heat line is by the owner, TJ Killian.


M Barnette said...

Emily, thanks for running our call for lesfic. I really appreciate it.

veinglory said...

It is great to see a publisher actively seeking such an under-served genre.

M Barnette said...

Thanks Emily.

For me it's great to be able to serve readers by publishing the genres they want to read.