Tuesday, October 06, 2009


"We are the second largest ePublisher specializing in romantic fiction and erotic romance novels." [Lucia Carr, Public Relations Director for Samhain Publishing]

"What is the reason behind all the e-publishers shutting their doors, when other e-publishers starting up seem to thrive?" [Gracen Miller on the closure of Firedrakes Weyr]

"Readers aren't stupid like some people like to believe. They can tell the difference between bad story telling and bad editing." [Carrie, in reply to Gracen Miller]


Anonymous said...

One publisher closed, two opened...sounds about right.

Treva Harte said...

The Samhain PR person may well be right and I've heard the claim before. I'm just wondering what "second largest" means here. If it's sales, how does Samhain know? I suppose they could have counted all the books all the e-publishers have released and figured out they have the largest number.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Samhain's claim of being the 2nd largest is very presumptuous and misleading. There are other publishers who have many more titles available, other publishers who have more or all of their titles in paperback, other publishers who have more authors on their roster, etc. Unless they somehow hacked into every other publisher's accounting programs or bank accounts, how can they make that claim? Ego much?

Anonymous said...

I'm more annoyed that they seem to think Samhain represents rebirth and new beginnings. It's traditionally a harvest festival and while it is the Pagan (not solely Celtic as the PR lady claimed) new year, it's not a time of rebirth and renewal. It's actually a holiday for honoring the past, not the new. Yule is when the rebirth happens with the baby Sun God's return.

If you're going to commandeer a pagan holiday, at least look into what it actually means so as to not sound like ignorant asses.

It's a bit like calling themselves Hanukkah Publishing and then doing an interview about how Hanukkah is the time to celebrate Jesus' birth.

Anonymous said...

"Second largest" simply means The Publisher Whose Name We Dare Not Speak is still on top...and we hate it. ;-)

veinglory said...

I also wondered about the self-appointed secind place. Based on...?