Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cherchez the Romance?

Amazon's best books of 2009 top ten work out as: non-fiction (5), historical (2), detective (1), general fiction (1), literary (1). If there is a romance novel anywhere in the entire top 100 "editors' favorites" it wasn't easy to find.

Publishers Weekly editors came up with best books of 2009 likewise including: non-fiction (5), literary (3), anthology (1), graphic novel (1)--books written by women (0).

Of all the books that came out this year these two editoral bodies not only chose similar genres, but 2 of the exact same books.

Gee, I wonder why book sections of papers and traditional review magazine are having a little trouble staying financially viable, when they are obviously very clear indeed when it comes to the types of books they like.
(The closest I can come to making sense of this is if they chose masculine-centric books in the hopes that a lot of these books will end up under Christmas trees.)


Teddy Pig said...

Wow, to me it felt like a whole year of Stephenie Meyer fandom at a fever pitch. Maybe I missed something.

veinglory said...

Well, if editorial boards were full of young women the lists would look a little difference, methinks.