Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RWNZ Clendon Award

Back in 2007 I proudly proclaimed I was a member of RWNZ (Romance Writers of New Zealand): "I ... had that joyful of experience of asking whether they accept writers of gay romance--the experience where one is met with a response of total bemusement as to why they wouldn't."

I suppose I had never paid much attention to the Clendon book award RWNZ runs jointly with Barbara's books. But this year I did notice: "For the purpose of the contest, “romance” is defined as a fictional story which has the development and resolution of a romance between a male and a female as the primary motivation of the plot".

I sent in a question about this and over the intervening two weeks, until I recieved a courteous answer that my reading of the defintion was correct, my membership lapsed. And it shall be staying that way.

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Angie said...

So they'll cash your membership check but won't consider your work for their award? Sounds like they've been learning at the feet of the RWA. That's really a shame. :(