Sunday, November 01, 2009


The XOXO website seems to be down for construction and most of the content on their blog is behing "invitation only" curtains. The publisher is, however, apparently active and amongst other things creating some charity projects. But charity by whom?

"We are a royalty paying publisher, NOT a vanity press. We offer 40% royalty of gross sales. This will be fully explained in the publishing contract.
... We have two fundraising books per year where the royalties are fully donated to two charities, while the other four books are offered a percentage of the royalties and donated to charities."

Do they really mean that only the author royalties are donated to the charity--or total profits?

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Anonymous said...

The website is now up and running, but there are some very interesting things going on.
I happen to know one of the authors who writes for them. Her book was supposed to be released Oct. 30, along with a release party. The party never happened, and the website was mysteriously down until just recently. Low and behold, her book is not among the new releases. There is no mention of her book at all on the website.
I also find it interesting that she was responsible for providing the cover art herself.
Last I'd heard, she hadn't even seen a copy of her own book.
It just strikes me as odd that after all this talk about how the company she was a ghost writer for was going to publish her novel, the novel still hasn't
(It's all she's been talking about for the last couple of months, I've seen the cover art plastered on her Facebook page, and the release date was mentioned at every opportunity, so I know that in some form this book does exist.)
As far as I know, she hasn't gotten any explanation as to what's going on with her book.The whole thing is very dubious.