Friday, December 04, 2009

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On Topic
If you know someone who likes free ebooks, I would suggest sending them to Online Novels. All of the ebooks here are posted with author permission, guarantee non-pirated. Including my own novella Journey's End.

Off Topic
This etsy store sells bowties for cats. They should also sell the bandages and iodine for later....

On Topic
Publishing Perspectives brings us: What's Hot in Romance? E-books, Baby! It's a good, accurate post that I have seen linked and tweeted quite a lot. But a little 'rah, rah' for my blood.

Off Topic
Some happy videos. because the world needs more happy:
Because the world needs more happy.
* Do a deer: Musical flash mob.
* Riski Business: an elephant being born [note: includes fluids, blood etc]
* Dog welcomes returned soldier: <--what it says.

On Topic
It looks like a new company selling "personalised" romance novels is now cutting into's action. The new outfit "U Star Novels" offers erotic and gay/lesbian options. And no, this isn't some kind of paid link. I just find the whole idea morbidly fascinating. I mean how could you possibly write a good romance that was generic enough to insert an actual couple into just by changing the names and eye/hair color? I doubt any of these books is actually worth reading. But I give U Star credit for not slapping a maximum heat rating on they same sex books--that is, showing that they know that sexual orientation and sexual explicitness are unrelated issues.

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Rebecca Heath said...

Hi Emily - many thanks for your mention of my Online Novels Blog.

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