Wednesday, December 09, 2009

New market (?): Books Of Desire

Books of Desire has a romance and an erotica (or "Eroctica") section.

"If you're a writer of steamy romance or steamier erotica, you've come to the right place for submitting your work for consideration. We accept only unpublished works from new, unpublished authors, as well as previously published ones. We do not, however, accept hardcore BDSM, hate, child porn or torture, horror, gay or lesbian, racism, golden showers, rape, incest, memoirs, diaries, or extremely violent material, nor any material that we feel would be offensive to others ... Our erotica scenes are explicit, but tastefully done. They are not vulgar in language. We will alert you if your submission contains vulgarity. Please contact us for a list of words we will not publish in content."

Several of the covers seem to use illustrations by "big name" fantasy illustrators. One wonders if it is with their permission?

Also while vulgarity is out is seems that abduction and rape are not: "Tina Abernathy went to bed in her own apartment, but awakens in a dark room, nude, shackled with her legs spread wide open, and finds herself being prodded and probed with gentleness that has her writhing and jerking in orgasms against her will. She is then penetrated with something so huge, she screams...." ['Taken' by Vistoria Calaway]

As far as I could see all of the books for sale on this site are by Victoria Calaway (edited to add, other authors seem to be listed by distributors--but not shown on the main website?).


K. Z. Snow said...

Sounds like those books of desire are hip-crackin' good!

Teddy Pig said...

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Fae said...

Not only do they seem to have taken various mass market paperback covers and photoshopped out the author names and publishers to put their own on them, they're also using pictures of actual celebrities on the covers. Professional wrestlers, to be precise (celebrities might be stretching it lol).

I doubt the Undertaker has authorized his image to be used for this, but there he is on at least two of the covers. *toddles off to find the appropriate email address for the WWE*

Stealing is bad, kids.

Fae said...

Haha I just made the connection. The author's pen name is Calaway, the Undertaker's real last name is Calloway. That's a bit creepy. She names herself after him and puts his pictures on her book covers. Er...

Anonymous said...

Excuse me? They claim to only do "tasteful" sex scenes which aren't "vulgar," and have a huge list of things they won't allow (including "any material that we feel may be offensive to others") and yet...

One of their covers portrays a naked woman perched on a desk, with her bottom almost facing the reader, while she looks at graphic images on her laptop.

A collection of short stories is called "Making the Babysitter," and has an image of a girl in a cheerleader costume with her legs spread on a chair. Stories in this collection apparently include the titular sexing-up-the-teenager tale, a story about a woman and a teenage grocery store bag boy, and one--or rather, two--featuring a teacher having a menage with two of her students.

So I guess "child porn" isn't okay, but "teen porn" is? And I guess the two teens in question don't touch each other at all so the story can fit in with their "no gay or lesbian" rule.

Oh, no, oops. That rule seems to be broken as well, along with several of the others, in "Teen Girls Sex Club," where a young girl is forcibly gang-banged while another young girl touches her and herself.

Yeah. Good job on being tasteful and non-vulgar, Books of Desire. You're clearly the classiest erotic epub on the block.

AJ said...

I googled Victoria Calaway who labels herself a best-selling author yet she has no website or much info out there. she has a Facebook page and there is a pic of her with the wrestler so I guess she knows him. Is this a vanity press for her? Only three authors seem to be pubbed here and the stories all seem identical.

Fae said...

She doesn't know him, I did some googling myself and she's nothing but a rabid fan. She met him once at a show, apparently, easy enough to do.

My money says poorly disguised self-publishing pretending to be real, especially considering one of the other two authors coincidentally wrote a couple stories featuring wrestlers.

I'm a bit ashamed to be a wrestling fan now lol. We're not all crazy, promise.

Fiona Glass said...

Is it just me or do they contradict themselves in this statement: "We accept only unpublished works from new, unpublished authors, as well as previously published ones."

If they take work from previously published authors then they don't 'only' take work from previously unpublished authors.

Not a good start...

Angelia Sparrow said...

Fiona, i think that's a longwinded way of saying "No reprints."

"We only take unpublished works from both new and previously published authors" would be better wording.

I worry about their editing.