Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Steffi Webb sent a polite email asking if I would list Boudior Press ("for lovers of the written erotica") at ERECsite and mention her contest on this blog. The email was a model example of how to approach a blog owner--very professional. However I regret to say that I would not touch Boudoir Press, the parent company Black Leaf Publishing, or their other imprint Blue Cloud Publishing with a barge pole. I think that winning a publishing package with a vanity press would have to be considered a mixed blessing, at best. Which is a pity as an epublisher focussing on fetish fiction could do rather well, without the pay-to-play element.

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Teddy Pig said...

Stay away from that Blue Cloud Publications website it redirects to some type of anti-virus scanner page. Very strange and ripe for Trojans and that stuff.