Saturday, December 05, 2009


Some time back I was involved in some threads at Romance Divas and Absolute Write on the subject of The Wild Rose Press. Many glowing reports were made of what TWRP is doing--which is great. I did feel obliged to mentioned that the last time I had data (sales data being kinda 'my thing') average sales per title was somewhat less than 20. At the time I failed to notice how TWRP characterised this thread in their publicly accessible readers loop. That is:

"I've been told by several authors and writers that there is some negative talk about The Wild Rose Press on some loops like romance divas and there's another one that I don't remember right now.Anyway, the talk has been nasty and spiteful and while I have not read the posts from what I've been told its become quite the bashing."

For the record I want to say that I think that sales levels for a publisher absolutely should be discussed. A writer is a laborer who gets to set the value the place on their work, including its financial value. The only way they can know how much a publisher will pay for their work is by knowing the profit per book and the likely sales volume per title. Supportive communities and positive affirmations are great, but not normally higher on my list of writing goals than reaching a substantial readership. Others may have different goals, which is certainly okay with me--but writers communities are all about providing information of in choosing a publisher--including estimated earnings per title.

Either that or I, and others who took the role of devil's advocate in this discussion, are unprofessional, jealous, ignorant haters who lie sleepless at night formulating spiteful plans to taint the joys of others.

Take your pick.

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Anonymous said...

They bashed a friend of mine who also shares your opinions on the sales volume and on their loop they (the owners and editors!) claimed she was bitter and jealous and had probably been rejected by them as a reasoning for not singing their praises.

She's a multi-published NY author. Yes, I'm sure she's rabidly jealous of WRP authors. /sarcasm

Nonny Blackthorne said...

And by "bashing" we mean "encouraging folks to be cautious due to repeated reports of low sales", right?

Anonymous said...

The link to this discussion group isn't working :(

Why is it every single time I read of some discussion like this the irked e-publisher involved - or one of their so-called best selling authors- inevitably claim the "bashing", complaints or questions arise out of jealousy? Never fails.

veinglory said...

I would guess that the WRP PTB did not realise that their group was set to have public message archives.

Teddy Pig said...

Oops, if they can't even run a Yahoo mail loop right I wonder...

Anonymous said...

That link doesn't work. I googled their yahoo group. The messages are visible

Type 33187 in the message number search field.

Anonymous said...

Here's the actual link to the start of that thread, Emily's link truncates and doesn't work:

Do read the whole shebang, it's quite entertaining and more than a little revolting. The self-congratulatory behavior and verbal stroking off they give each other is amazing.

veinglory said...

Thanks Anon. You are right, I was overly suspicious and had just nessed up the link.

Teddy Pig said...

Good lord!

We're all Roses in your garden? Is this a cult?

I'm sorry cutesy names and imagery like that is not professional it's freaky. Not to mention the whole maintaining isolation in order to indoctrinate the authors to see things your way.