Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Ways of Google are Mysterious

As of the last Google Pagerank Dance this blog has a Google Pagerank of zero/zilch/nada.

Go figure.

I guess my burnt offerings were not pleasing to the great Google?

(To be fair, burnt snark smells pretty nasty).


Unknown said...

Hmm - there are a lot of things with the same acronym (or something approaching it). My first thought was that google was censoring it (you know, "Ooh, that sounds like "bum"!), but I was astonished at how may references there are to "EREC".

veinglory said...

I really have no idea why this blog got Google-slapped, and I don't suppose it is worth wasting too much time trying to figure it out. [shrug].

Laura said...

Don't waste much energy on Google. I think you're better getting people, real people.