Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to report EREC data

The sales estimates listed on are based in author self-report. Authors are encouraged to send queries or sales figures to veinglory AT All data is stored and reported on a strictly confidential basis. Data is reported as an arithmetic mean based on at least 5 books by at least 3 different authors--data more than one year old is deleted. If you would like to contribute your sales data please provide the following information, or as much of it as you can, for each title.

1) Name of publisher: _____________
2) Is the book erotic romance?: Y/N
3) How many copies sold in the first month?: __
4) How many copies sold in total to date?: __
5) Has your book been on sale for one year or longer?: Y/N
6) How many copies sold in the first year?: __

Here are some more detail that might clear up any questions you have. If not, please ask your questions by comment or by email.

What counts as "erotic romance".
I leave it up to the writer to decide this, no objective definition of 'erotic romance' is provided.

Do the sales have to be for an exact month?
No. please provide the numbers as they appear on your first royalty report, even if this only covers part of a month. If you are provided with royalty figures on a quarterly basis, please provide data for the first quarter.

What if I only know my 'sales to date'?
If you do not know first year or month please just answer 4) and 5). Partial data is accepted.

Do I report only ebook sales?
Please report sales in all formats, but count sales from the date of the first release even if this is for the ebook version only.

How do I report sales from third party sites?
Report the sales based on the royalty report they appear upon rather than the date the sale was made.

Will you use my name?
No. When you report data I will give you a random three letter code. When you send updates you should provide this code so I can match the data to your books.

What if my book or publisher is not erotic romance, is not digital?
My focus is on erotic romance ebooks. However I will take data from any book and will report aggregate data when I have at least 5 books. I am particularly interested in data relating to erotic romance mass market paperbacks.


Elle Parker said...

Thanks for posting this info - I've been wondering. I've had so much great advice and information from your blog over the past couple of years, I'd like to pay back.

My book will be a year old in May, so I might hold off to submit until then, but I will be sending you my stats.


Amanda Young said...

You have perfect timing. I've been meaning to send you some new data.