Monday, January 04, 2010


File under: No Shit, Sherlock.
Digital piracy hits the e-book industry

No Mantitty please, we're sci fi Geeks
Book Covers That Are Ashamed To Be Science Fiction

"...but it's pretty clear that much of their business strategy is being made up as they go along"
Borders, Kobo to partner on eBook store; eReader in the works

For Anyone with a spare $1000....
Apple tablet announcement due on Jan. 27

Random House Pulls a Simon & Schuster
War is declared in the world of ebooks (ebook rights grab).


Teddy Pig said...

That mantitty is not even in focus so it does not count. I am so glad those folks are not having to slog through the stuff I used to read in the 70s.

They would probably have thrown a fit over the Logan's Run series. Oh right that had naked women.

veinglory said...

You're right. It's not even *good* mantitty.