Sunday, January 10, 2010

NEW MARKET [?]: Merpoint

Opened this month--open to submissions in several genres including romance.

"Whether you are an aspiring or established writer, Merpoint wants to be your publishing partner."

Red flag?

"Merpoint Publishing is dedicated to finding and retaining talented authors. We provide a full range of services include editing, formatting, copyrighting, ISBN assignment, cover art, marketing, and more. There are no up front costs for our services… Merpoint is a true non-subsidy publisher, we benefit only through the successful sales of our authors works."

Yeah, I'm confused. Why phrase things in vanity press venacular if you are not a vanity press?


Angie said...

Excellent question. Maybe their background is with vanity presses, whether as a publisher or as a writer, and they honestly think that's the language of the legitimate publishing industry?


Fiona Glass said...

Less experienced businesses can sometimes trumpet as benefits things which are accepted everywhere else as industry standards....

Anonymous said...

The Merpoint page titled "Publish with us" is kinda odd and vanityish. Why not title the section "Submit?"
And why, when I click on a genre link, say for romance, do I end up on wikipedia?

And then here's this statement: Please read this section in its’ entirety

Not a good sign.

Anonymous said...

Maybe like fiona glass said, they are just new to to the business. I think people are so jaded by print publishers, it is hard to believe electronic publishing can be so straight forward.

Aspen Press is a good example of the remaking of the publishing industry in a positive manor, right?

Jennifer Pitzer said...


My name is Jennifer Pitzer and I am one of the co-founders of Merpoint Publishing. I saw this thread and thought I would hop in and introduce myself.

Despite our experience in writing, editing, and publishing, we are indeed new to the book publishing business. The skepticism among the writing community has definitely been an eye opener and we are learning and growing with each interaction we have. We are definitely NOT a vanity publisher and will be making changes to our website to help clarify our intent.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, etc.

Jennifer Pitzer
Merpoint Publishing, co-founder

Anonymous said...

Previously Published Works
We will accept previously published works if the author exclusively holds the rights. Royalties for a book in an already acceptable electronic format with all editing and cover art completed is 50%

As far as I know, when you get your rights back you don't get to reuse your cover the original pub paid for.

veinglory said...

Or even, arguably, the edits. But this could probably be arranged. For example my novella Journey's End was published by Torquere, I re-edited and contracted new art and formatting to use it as a freebie, I sent that to Audiolark and they might have bought the new art--although as it happens they contracts a third version of the cover...

Merpoint Publishing said...

Great question!

If YOU supplied the cover art to the publisher originally, you should get that back with the rights.

You are correct though, if the publisher supplied the original cover, they may retain that art work.

If the only piece missing from a previously published work was the cover art, we would would still pay a 50% royalty and provide new cover art.

Thanks for your question!

Merpoint Publishing

Merpoint Publishing said...

Hi Emily,

The author should retain the rights to all editing made for publication, UNLESS those rights were specifically signed away by the author in their contract with the publisher.

I should clarify... when I refer to edits, I am speaking of minor changes that do not substantially change the style, content or nature of the work so as to make it unrecognizable from the original work.

Merpoint Publishing