Monday, February 08, 2010

Astatalk, Twitter and ebook piracy

Astatalk is one of the more pernicious sites offering file-sharing in a way that encourages ebook piracy. They recently opened a Twitter account which made it blatantly obvious just what proportion of the books made available there are not legal copies (i.e. almost all of the files tweeted by them). Within a fairly short period of time this account was closed by Twitter due to "strange activity".

Or as one asta talk member said: "HI!!! I'm not sure if this is the place to report it but a few days ago, you create a twitter account ... Well, a few romance authors found out about this place and they are really pissed off and they are having a campaign to remove astatalk. I'm just letting you know... so we could be a little more discreet so the place doesn't get close down! :D"

More than a few, Skippy. And while the staff at Astatalk my not lose sleep about copyright and piracy and all that jazz--apparently Twitter, as a U.S.-based company pays a little more attention to the legal niceties. Thank you, Twitter.

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