Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference

I was recently sent an invitation to the Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference. I am happy to promote the event to anyone interested and I note that many erotic romance epublishers are already listed as attending.

Will I be there? Frankly, no. I am very bah-humbug about the phenomenon of members of a community paying money (in this case a $20 fee) to have access to each other through free-to-use venues like Ning. The joy of the internet is that most of these people are easy to find online for free.

And the one large publisher represented, Simon & Schuster, is on my naughty list for having a shocking record when it comes to author exploitation (rights grabs etc). (As for Lori Perkins, no comment).

But if anyone here is going, I would encourage you to send me a guest post about how it goes. I am probably just being too goddam cynical. Mid-American winters have that effect on me....


Anonymous said...

why do you always seem to have such a big problem with the major publishers and the major agents that sell to them? what are your reasons?

Re: the $20 fee, it's for a private ning, not the regular free service. $20 is actually pretty cheap for a writers' conference.

veinglory said...

I don't have a problem with the cagetory of 'major publishers' or 'major agents'. I have issues with Sime & Schuster and Perkins, which can be easily found by searching this blog. I think major publishers and agents in general rock. I think rights grabs and conflicts of interest such, no matter how "major" the perpetrator is.

I don't think a Ning/blog radio event is a conference. Saying an online chat is cheap for a conference is like saying kleenex is cheap for a bath towel. $20 is rather expensive for an online chat--more typically provided for free. It is a very impressive onlibne chat, I will concede. But I am still not paying for it or providing free content for it so un-named people may or may not profit (that is my socialist side showing).

Again, IMHO.