Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can you idenitify this ebook reader?

I am reading a study that compares ease and effectiveness of ready an ebook versus a conventional book. The ebook doesn't compare favorably when it comes to comprehension or eye strain. The thing is they do not specify the screen type (front lit, back lit, e-ink?). Does anyone know what sort of reader this is?
* Kang Y-Y, Wang M-JJ & Lin R. (2009). Usability evaluation of e-books. Displays, 30, 49-52.


Teddy Pig said...

Looks a little bit like the old RCA...

That might be one of the old LCD screen readers. There were tons of knock offs of those.

veinglory said...

Well, not surprising if that caused some eye strain. Funny choice for a 2009 study?

Teddy Pig said...

HAH! Found it!

That is either a Kolin eBook Reader or more likely Easyread (Personal Digital Reader).

These are like the old RCA REB 1100 or what is more widely known as the first eBookwise.