Sunday, February 14, 2010


You know how being a little bit enlightened can illuminate that you are mostly... well, not? Like 'some of my best friends are gay', or 'I value Mexican culture, Taco Bell is the best!'

That is kind of where I would file the Youtube trailer "Erotic Romance is for MEN too!" or as one comment says: "SHOCKING NEWS FLASH!!!!!! Men Like Porn As Much As Women Do!!!!!!! You may be on to something here, ever think of getting government funding to do a study?" After all, a fourway MFMF with a male POV character isn't exactly Barbara Cartland to begin with?

I was interested to see the book had four 5-star reviews on Amazon, before I noticed that they are contributed by the book's editor, at least one author from the same vanity press, and other people who seem less than impartial in their responses to the one 1-star review. Classy.

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Dana said...

A bit off topic, but wow, that cover gets used a lot. I've seen it on Sierra Cartwright's Hawkeye Two: Bend Me Over at Loose ID and on Paige Tyler's Just Right at Ellora's Cave.