Friday, February 26, 2010

ManLoveRomance goes Straight

...or more specifically, start a straight imprint:

"Passion In Print, the new heterosexual erotic romance imprint of MLR Press (Man Love Romance), will open its doors July 2010.

We are looking for works of 65 to 125K and will only publish the very best.

Our preference is for stories that are both erotic and romantic. The stories will have strong characterization with believable motivations. There will be a clear and involving love story, not merely a litany of sexual encounters. However, a significant portion of the story will be devoted to graphic and explicit sex scenes that further the plot, the romance and the character development. Very important to readers of romance is an emotionally satisfying ending that is, if not Happily Ever After, at least Happily for Now.

Just like MLR Press, all books at Passion in Print will be sold in print. E book formats will also be sold. Royalty rates are as follows: 15% on net for print and 50% on net for ebook/audio book.

All genres encouraged, but we have a special interest in vampires, sci-fi, and mystery. Sensuality levels may be "tame to scorching".

For more information, serious inquiries should be sent to: Tess MacKall, Developmental/Content Editor for Passion in Print "

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