Saturday, February 13, 2010


One of the current memes wandering around the romance fiction blogs like a disoriented penguin seems to be 'which are the popular romance blogs and what do we think of them/they think of us', including the comments section at KS's which reads like one of those awkward high school moments where to girls fall out and everyone else is supposed to decide which side they are on.

So, to spin this in another direction here are some of my picks for 5 romance blogs that seem to be under-appreciated. If you feel like posting 5 picks of your own please drop me a comment and I will link to it. Spread the love.

* Save Black Romance
SBR has a thoughtful quality that means I approach every new post expecting to read something that is, well, worth reading.

* Book Utopia
The book review not only tell me about the book but allow me to factor in differences between my taste and the reviewers. Really informative.

* Cynical Woman
Blog of Helen E H Madden. I love the cartoon and slice of life commentary. Although it does remind me why I chose not to have children sometimes....

* Authors of Erotic Romance
A low key but charming blog, laced with useful information.

* Elisa Rolle
Always has a nice mix and good coverage of M/M.

Reader Recommendations:

* Gerry's Book Reviews

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Teddy Pig said...

I love me some Book Utopia and I just added Gerry's Book Reviews to my Google Reader...

Helen said...

MmmmmmmmmmmWHA! I love you too! Thank you for the mention, and sometimes my blog also reminds me of why I choose not to have children. Wait...