Sunday, March 07, 2010

Is it time to add smoke to EC?

Our current "avoid" publishers are--
*ABCD webmasters a.k.a. Wicked Castle, Spanking Corner, Romantic Spankings etc
*Dark Castle Lords a.k.a. DCL Publications
*LA Media
*New Concepts Publishing
*Renaissance Ebooks

Our current "smoke" publishers are--
*Red Rose Publishing

I think it may be time to add Ellora's Cave to the "smoke" list whilst they also, ironically enough, remain on our top five list (based only on sales data) which is as follows--
*Ellora's Cave
*Loose Id
*Liquid Silver

If you have any suggestion about these list--be it to support, oppose or ammend--please let me know by comment or email (veinglory at

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Fae said...

I don't think EC belongs on the smoke list. What would be the criteria for putting them there, out of curiosity?

veinglory said...

Primarily several different cases of delayed payments to authors and the flakey behavior of not appearing at the Brashear vs. EC hearing. Minor considerations would be other rather odd behavior like threatening borders with lawyers, sneaking around to try and get others epublsihers to sign with them as a distributor, selling at Amazon et al for double the cover price when this seems to be against Amazon's terms of service, the collapse of their print distribution capacity, odd conduct in blogs comment sections, the financial burden of their likely loss of the Brashear suit etc....

I have resisted this for a long time but it is starting to pile up.

Fae said...

Hmm. Well, ultimately of course, it's up to you. I guess I get jaded by the regular doom and gloom predictions for EC that never materialize. As far as I'm aware the payment thing got cleared up last year, at least I haven't seen any issues receiving my own checks nor has there been any talk of trouble for anyone else (on the EC loops or elsewhere) in some time. Pretty sure that was, indeed, an issue from them switching banks that's been resolved for a while.

This Brashears case I don't know much about, so I can't offer any opinion on it, nor do I know anything about the Borders thing., who knows, they might have a deal with them, I don't know. I mean, if they were going against their contract selling on their site for less, wouldn't Amazon do something about it? Amazon seems to have no issue playing hardball with other publishers, so that tells me that there must be some kind of condition to their contract with EC that obviously we won't be privy to. Otherwise I'm pretty sure all those buy links would go dead in a heartbeat, just like they did for that NY pub recently.

I don't know about the print, everything I've seen for years has been that their print program was never very strong in the first place, I wouldn't really call it a collapse. I've been with them for 2 1/2 years now and I still have zero idea how print works for them.

I guess it just seems like this lawsuit thing is getting everyone back onto the doom and gloom for EC bandwagon. It's a wagon that never seems to move, though, which is why I question its validity. I certainly don't question your motivations I know you're just trying to protect authors and inform them, I just question whether this time is any different than all the other times that never went anywhere, with the blogs predicting EC would be out of business by the next year.

veinglory said...

They lost the Brashear case, and they lost it because two of their lawyers pulled out and they and their third lawyer didnt turn up to court. That is what made me decide something is rotten in the state of EC. That is frankly somewhat crazy behavior.

veinglory said...

I would also note that I have non-payment complaints from some authors that extend well into this year. It seems msome authors have no problems, but others do? Non/delayed payment is the primary basis for getting a bad listing on EREC.

Teddy Pig said...

You know, I took them off my top ePub list a long time ago.

The point being that I am sure some people did make money working for Bernie Madoff. I am sure for a lot of people it seemed to be a very professional environment to invest at. I am sure a lot of people rationalized how things could be worse but at least they were making money.

Then the crazy went down and everyone got hurt.

I would much rather be overly cautious especially when their pricing and distribution model makes no sense and their attitude towards their authors sucks.

veinglory said...

I think I will put them under smoke--and see if the sales continue to hold. Good sales cover a multitude of sins IMHO.

Angelia Sparrow said...

Add in steadily decreasing sales for each title released. The release in February has sold almost 1000. The one in July hasn't made 500.

The doubled cover price. Uncommunicative editors. Also, new and fun paperwork. And all submissions have to be CC'd to Jaid Black now as well as your editor.

Definitely smoke. To the point that if I didn't sell 2-5 times the number of books there as anywhere else, I would be long gone.