Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The lady doth protest (too much?)

As I will be at a promotional event by Jodi Picoult tonight I decided to look up her website. I am not a reader of her books and am going long largely out of idle curiosity. I find the left bar of her website expressing an opinion I actually agree with, but are the capital letters really necessary?

"Wondering why House Rules isn’t available for kindle/e-books?
Due to a conflict in business practices with Amazon, my publisher - Simon and Schuster - recently made a policy decision to delay e-books by many bestselling authors for 6 months, including me. I AM 100% OPPOSED TO THIS POLICY. I think it punishes some of the best readers and fans, who want a book and want it fast. However, I cannot change the publisher’s policy, no matter how much I rant about it. This was a retroactive decision made to a book they already own by contract. PLEASE don’t blame me for this decision - believe me, if it was up to me, you’d have a Kindle version. It has nothing to do with me not wanting the book sold as an e-book, or me feeling that e-book readers aren’t important. I’m just as upset about this as you are."

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p.s. Picoult gives a good talk and Q&A. Nothing E-Ry to report but a good night out.