Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Links'n'Quotes: the doom and shame edition

Why the Comments Are Off
"But the Internet has a dark side as well and no, I’m not talking about porn. The web allows people to speak to each other in relative anonymity and that is both a plus and a minus."
[Porn isn't even dark gray. It's more of a taupe, shading towards mauve. Something with an 'au' in it anyway.]

Richard Heller: The unwritten rules for rejecting new authors
" Above all, the markets for e-books are still undeveloped. They enjoy no dedicated physical space, they have few specialist reviews or listings, and online authors have no physical product to offer to shops or plant on their hapless friends. Worst of all, most of their online competitors are free."
[They can't hear you scream, but can read you whine.]

Mills & Boon boom sparked by young fans in rush to download romances
"Digital Mills & Boon sales have risen by 57 per cent at Tesco in the five months since the Sony Reader went on sale. The supermarket's own customer research shows that younger fans - aged 30 to 42 - prefer to use electronic readers than buy the books. Almost a third of this group - 31 per cent - said they prefer not to be seen putting the books into their shopping baskets because of their association with an older readership."
[I would kind of like to see te raw survey data. in my experience the company's own "market research" often turns out to be something made up by an intern.]

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