Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Name that book?

Via ERW Forum:

"I have been looking for a particular book for ages. I saw it on a publishers website but didn't buy it then i forgot the website. I can't remember the title or author's name except I think it had 'star' or 'stars' in the title and the authors name was like Catherine or Caroline or something. The book was a sort of sci-fi romance that was part of a two book series, I think. It was about two space pilots who crash land on a planet ruled by women. One man, the hero of the first book, ends up in the possession/harem of a good and loving woman while the other male ends up in the harem of a cruel woman. I think the second book in the series is about the second man's life on this new planet. I really really would like to find this book again! Please help! THanks."

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Could it be the Star Series of books by Caitlyn Willows (Catherine Snodgrass)? There's Stargazer, Star Chaser, and 3 or 4 other books in the series. If so, the publisher is Amber Quill Press (in their Amber Heat imprint, I believe).

veinglory said...

I think it may be older than that? I have a shakey memory of a paperback along these lines ten years ago or so?

Unknown said...

Because I (cough) have nothing better to do, I tried a Google search. Is it Star Maidens by Ian Evans? If so, she's right...she has been looking for it for ages. Here's the only synopsis I could find:

Male astronauts rebel against the oppression and subjugation they are subjected to after their ship crash-lands and strands them on Medusa, a planet ruled by women.

And I believe there are 2 books. You can see the cover here: http://www.trashfiction.co.uk/sf.html

Unknown said...

Well, looks like it was made into a movie, too. Here's a longer description:


I don't think this is the book she's looking for, unless they took a LOT of creative license with the shows. LOL.

Unknown said...

Is this it? :-)

The Last Hawk: Saga of the Skolian Empire, Volume 3 RC
by Catherine Asaro
read by Jill Fox
3 cassettes
A.D. 2258. Kelricson Valdoria, fighter pilot and heir to
the Skolian throne, crashes on Coba, a planet ruled by
women. He becomes an honored concubine and interplanetary
pawn, gaining value and power by learning Coba's ways.
Sequel to Catch the Lightning (RC 56739). Some explicit
descriptions of sex and some violence. 1997.