Friday, March 05, 2010

RWA and HQ both suck, but on different necks

So this is the final decision of Romance Writers of America when it comes to the Harlequin/Authorhouse vanity imprint Dell Arte:

"Qualifying Markets ... have attested that [they] will not refer RWA members to subsidy/vanity or author-financed publishing programs." (Emphasis added)

So rather than taking an ethical position the negotiations seem to have gone roughly like this....

HQ: Hi RWA, sorry you are annoyed, but we really need to screw naive authors out of money to pad out bottom line.

RWA: We can't have you screwing over the authors, we nee them to send us their money--not you.

HQ: How about this. We promise not to screw over authors that have sent you money, but any others are fair game.

RWA: That's peachy.

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