Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What Not to Do

1) If your laptop is starting to behave a little strangely do not delay, buy a new one.
2) If you decide, instead, to back up crucial files on the malfunctioning computer do not buy a Verbatim portable hard drive.
3) If you do buy a Verbatim portable hard drive to do not compress the files when you archive them.
4) If you do compress the files do not use the pre-installed 'plug and play' Nero backup software.
5) If you do compress the files using the pre-installed 'plug and play' Nero backup software and find you cannot restore the files do not call Verbatim technical support, which is neither technical nor supportive--and is an out-of-state toll call.
6) If you do call Verbatim technical support do not expect them to help you with problems relating to the Nero software, which they consider a completely unaffiliated product that they just happen to pre-load on all of their devices, but that should in no way be interpreted as an endorsement or agreement to provide support. However they will helpfully tell you that Nero software does not work on Windows 7, the first 3 service packs of XP, when the wind blows from the east, during the Ides of March or on any day ending in a "y". At which point you should not, by any means, call the Nero technical support line which costs $1.29 a minute.
7) No, even I am not that stupid.
8) I Googled the problem and some guy on the Internet said slightly changing the file name can, for no real obvious reason, make the Nero restore process start working. And it did.

Final score:
Verbatim: 0
Nero: 0
Me: -6
Google: 10
Some guy on the Internet: 100

However, you might be pleased to know that I do seem to have recovered the EREC database.


Page Smith said...

So, it went well then? :)

M Barnette said...

And people wonder why I own a Mac. :-/

roslynholcomb said...

It's amazing how many problems I've been able to solve with assistance from some random guy on the internet.

Fiona Glass said...

I don't suppose Random Internet Guy knows a solution to loss of volume in Windows 7? :/