Friday, April 30, 2010

Author's Complaint About Damnation

Damnation Books has the same owner as Eternal Press, so it might be off interest to this audience that there seems to be some trouble there.

Author Alex Smith reports their use of an allegedly inflated kill fee not specified in the contract:

"Overall my experience with Damnation was quite pleasant, until we disagreed on the design of the cover. They were unwilling to negotiate, so I asked to be released from my contract. At this time, they sent me a letter charging me a $800+ “termination agreement.” This letter included an itemized list of expenses—and as a publisher myself I know how exorbitant and ridiculous these charges are."

He also stated that they carried out unauthorised editing:

"Damnation Books officially violated their own contract when they made substantial changes to my text without my approval, including the re-naming of chapters and inappropriate additions to the copyright page."

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