Thursday, April 01, 2010

Medallion Press

My ongoing feelings about Medallion Press fall somewhere between bemusement and confusion. They have been around for a while now and some of their books have acheived mainstream success comparable to the acheivements of much larger publishers. The owner and founder is well-financed (to say the least), able to acheive these impressive results, and um... a bit on the kooky side (based on the copy she puts online complete with picture in costume).

Given that Medallion was not an epublisher I never had to think too much about them. But guess what? Medallion is now an epublisher: " on the lookout for some books to come out exclusively in e-book format for those welcoming in the digital age. It’s a whole new ball park, and we’re ready to play!"

Wow, how modern and progressive of them, right? Except: "Mass market paperbacks in print will become an unfortunate casualty of our new direction, as they earn the least revenue (sometimes even selling at a loss) for not just us but other publishers as well...As our e-book authors grow in popularity, doors will open for us to put them in trade or hardcover print, should the market demand it."

So, um, many of their books won't be in print any more, just ebooks because they are cheaper, and a vague promise of possible future non-mass market print version. Fair enough but hardly something new. In fact the promise that they have a top-secret plan to "take our e-books well beyond where technology is today" is positively pink-flag-worthy.

Meanwhile Medallion is also going to be Medallion Movies and Medallion Music. Because the smart thing to do when you are having trouble making money as a publisher is clearly to become a multimedia group. Uh-huh.

Time will tell, I suppose.

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