Sunday, April 25, 2010

New e-publisher


"The home of interactive fiction on your mobile phone."

"A moook should be around 25,000 words in total. This should be split into around 10 chapters, so each chapter is about 2,500 words long, and therefore is manageable for the average person to read in a typical session on a mobile phone."


Angelia Sparrow said...

A mook?

no, a moook.
Did they think this neologism through, the mooks?

veinglory said...

Joey 'Clams' Scala: And we don't pay mooks.
Jimmy: Mook? I'm a mook?
Joey 'Clams' Scala: Yeah
Jimmy: What's a mook?
Johnny Boy: A mook, what's a mook?
Tony DeVienazo: I don't know...
Johnny Boy: What's a mook?
Jimmy: You can't call me a mook!
Joey 'Clams' Scala: I can't?
Jimmy: No...
Joey 'Clams' Scala: [pause] I'll give you mook!
[punches Jimmy in the face]