Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ReadersChoice Publishing

I saw a Twitter user post: "Want to have a say in a new #romance #epublisher? Forming #reader #focus #group. ("

The link leads to a minimalist facebook page with pretty much no content other than three wall posts. The first being: "ReadersChoice is forming a focus group for romance readers. Help steer and create this exciting new venture, where readers choose which books we publish. Leave a note here if you're interested."

In the absence of much else to go on, I assumed the owners of this enterprise are one or more of the only four people listed as "Liking" the page (Stephen Hemminger, Jennifer Anderson, Debra Taylor Hemminger and Pam Aks Thomas). And indeed I find Debra Hemmingers twitter account is called Readers_Choice and her Linked In description is "Epublishing entrepreneur"--so I will assume she is the primary person on the project.

The concept seems to be to start a romance reader community online, then tailor some kind of epublisher to it. "At ReadersChoice Publishing ALL the great stories are published. No corporate editors decide which books deserve to see the light of day. If our readers like it, we publish it!"

Based on Googling the name I found this website which suggest they are not really open yet. It also suggests that they will be publishing books based on some kind of voting system. The first round of voting seems to be based on the synopsis and the second round on the first chapter.

So there you go, possibly yet another new romance epublisher on the horizon.

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