Monday, April 12, 2010

Sometimes I think the Pedophiles have won

Because if cultural standards were established based on the outlook of psychologically normal people, pictures of naked infants would never be mistaken for erotica. They would be taken at face value as pictures of infants, taken when they happened to have no clothes on--unless there was a damned good reason to think they were being used aberrantly.

As things are a couple in Peoria, Arizona sent their film to be processed at Walmart, including a few pictures of 2, 4 and 5 year old daughters in the bathtub... and ended up being placed on the sex offenders register. The mother was suspended for her job for over a year. The children were placed in foster homes for over a month. Fortunately sanity eventually prevailed but it is hard to believe that the children and their relationship with their parents will ever be quite the same.

And what got these parents in trouble was, ironically enough, their complete lack of pedophillic outlook. It seems that never occurred to them that taking a picture of their kids in the bath could possibly have sexual overtones. It never occurred to them that the pictures were too perverted to send for public processing. They never even realised that the pictures could be interpreted as pedophillic. And that is exactly how they ended up living the hell of being accused of being pedophiles who were sexually abusing their own children.

And that is why I sometimes think the pedophiles have won. Because to stay out of trouble every one of us has had to learn to look at a picture of a naked baby--and see it as they would and treat it is something illicit and taboo rather than the family snapshot that it actually is.

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Amanda Young said...

It's a scary time we live in. I don't know any people my age and older who don't have naked baby bath-time pictures floating around in old, dusty family albums somewhere. Having your parents pull those out to embarrass you used to be almost a right of passage. Does that mean all our parents are secret pedos now? It's just ridiculous.

roslynholcomb said...

I frequently post pictures of my son, and one of my favorite pictures is of him when he was maybe eighteen months old. He was teething and he'd picked up a barbecue rib bone and was chewing on it. I love that picture, but I'd never post it because I can see that some people might interpret it in a lewd manner. I could also imagine pedophiles getting their hands on it and photoshopping something else in place of the rib bone. It is sad that we have to think that way, but as a former social worker I've seen so many horrific pictures that my mind automatically goes there. There are times when I wish I'd been able to remain as naive as this couple once was.

Angie said...

I agree, it's definitely gotten crazy. :/ My mom has the requisite bathtime pics of me as a little kid. Heck, I remember one where I'd just gotten out of the tub and was standing there in the all-together, with everything my three-year-old self had hanging out. It was just a cute toddler pic at the time, but now my mom could be thrown in prison and put on the sex offender registry just for having it. It's insane, seriously. :/