Friday, April 30, 2010

Stuff (warning: may contain nonsense)

Erotica gives book publishers surprising boost [msnbc]
"Much of the new erotica is simply porn moved to the printed page, only smarter and largely aimed at women ... Whatever the reason, publishers are pleased."

According to Alexa " is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 35-44, have no children and are college educated." And our high impact search terms are ellora's cave and ellora's cave problems

Romance Reader, Unashamed
"I'm sure there are a hundred other myths to be attacked, and none will die easily. But in the end, even if they were mostly true, the disgust for romance novels and their readers would still look more like disdain for women and feminized culture than anything else."

Tropes make me tired. I looked through this site which despite the name is about all kinds of tropes, memes and fanbabble. I was mildly interested until I clicked link after link and was left vaguely depressed for reasons I find hard to explain.

Cordelia Press: dead or just in a coma?

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