Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why the spammers are winning

Over the last few weeks the Blogger user "Lydia" has spammed my blogs over 20 times with an advertisement for Blogerzoom. She gets past Captcha and she has a valid Blogger profile so she gets past most of the filters. Deleting the posts has become a near daily nuisance.

When I asked for help at the Blogger "help" forum the apparently bottom line answer was: "Comments are treated as "freedom of speech". Everyone has the right to say what they wish. If you're going to allow comments, people will post comments. You have the right to approve comments, if you wish. You can't stop people from posting."

Which is rich with irony given that Blogger demands that bloggers remove posts and deletes whole blogs on a regular basis for flimsy reasons like threats from publishers who feel maligned. But before the Wordpress crowds make their usual reply, how are you enjoying the current spate of php-viruses targeting Wordpress blogs?



Fiona Glass said...

Frustrating. Whoever Lydia is, s/he clearly has nothing better to do... *rolls eyes*

Daniel said...

i fully agree with the blogger and i thing u r new to the blogging world!! it easily means that the lydia is promoting that site affiliate.

veinglory said...

Unsolicited promotion is called "spam". I suspect I have been blogging a lot longer than you. Long enough to know what spam is and remember a world before text-speak. But as you didn't use an authentic profile (and hence based on the advice above should have been spam-blocked) I can't tell for sure.