Wednesday, May 19, 2010

OT Some things I wonder about the Publishing website

1) Does "reading from a different angle" refer to reading from the angle of being a blonde, or the angle of being a gorilla?
2) Is it really a good idea to have a logo that suggests one's books are written by bemused gorillas?  Were the monkeys on strike?
3) Why have a Frequently Asked Questions page when it seems you either don't get questions, or don't answer them?
4) Why do they require anyone with an interest in the publisher (perhaps, for example, a customer?) to undergo a three-step moderated registration process?
And finally, 5) why is the website for " Publishing" at


Fiona Glass said...

And why is the first thing you see a request for authors to log on for their sales statements etc? What, no catalagoue? No blurb to tell prospective customers what they sell? No pictures of their book covers?


veinglory said...

So it wasn't just me, then...