Sunday, May 02, 2010

Requesting Sales Figures: Eternal Press

Some general warnings:
Preditor & Editors: "Not recommended."

The rumors about low sales:
Piers Anthony: "I have learned of royalties under $5 for a year."

A high kill fee being used to retain even low-selling books:
AbsoluteWrite: "Once a work has gone into editing and forward and the Author wishes to terminate this contract prematurely, a penalty shall be charged to the Author to cover costs of staff and artists for work already performed. This fee shall be at a minimum of $50.00 to a maximum of $1000.00..."

BTW their listing at EPIC is seriously out of date.

I would like to request reports of sales for Eternal and Damnation Press, both erotic romance and other genres.

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Anonymous said...

Are they listed as a non-vanity/non-subsidy publisher by RWA?

veinglory said...

That information is behind the member wall, however last time I heard no major epublisher qualified for that status due to selling primarily from their own websites.